Our approach

We pride ourselves on delivering tangible, long term business improvements that really work for our clients.


At Ignition Key, we pride ourselves on delivering tangible, long term business improvements that really work for our clients. We know we can do this because of our unique approach...

End to end view

We take an end to end approach to business improvement rather than concentrating on only one element (see Our Services). We won't tell you all the things that are wrong in your business, then leave you to do all the hard work - we work with you to make sure all improvements are sustainable and real. There are times though when you may only need help with one aspect - we understand that and can work with you in this way, but we will always make sure that everything we do is integrated into and works with the rest of your business, so you're never left with something that will not add value to you.

Blend of skills

Our approach blends the tough, commercial aspects of running a business, with the softer people and leadership skills - to allow you access to the art and science of business success. We know from experience that it takes both to run a successful business - and we know how tough that balance can be, because we've been there too. We passionately believe in delivering hard, commercial results - but we know that to sustain these you need the people capability and motivation in place to make your business a long term success.

Tailored to you

Ignition Key will not take you through a pre-set methodology - we understand that every business is different and you need someone who understands what is unique about your challenges. But, we do have access to and experience of a range of tools and techniques that we'll help you select from to move you forward quickly and effectively - and get the results that are right for your business.

Straightforward and pragmatic

We all know that times are tough and to be successful you have to be quick to move and change. We understand that there is no way you can stop everything and go back to square one - we'll take a pragmatic approach with you to build on your strengths and help you move forward effectively. We do not want to build a full time, indispensible role for ourselves in your business - we simply aim to add value in everything we do so that you want to build a long term relationship with us.

We are open, honest and pragmatic - we know that, whatever the theory, you need to make an impact in the tough, real world. With Ignition Key you can be sure that we'll do what we promise, we'll get you results and will always behave with honesty, integrity and a passion for your business.


  • "In my experience, this blend of commercial skills, combined with such strong people skills, is unique."