Who we do it for

Every business is different and needs to be understood. We specialise in your business, not everyone else's.


Because of the range of sectors we have experience of, our clients are not restricted to particular sectors. However, we do specialise in some of the following groups and functions:


If you're a smaller business you'll know the challenges of balancing your customers, finances, sales and your own time. You probably recognise you may need some support, but don't even really know what you most need. Ignition Key can help you by:

  • Clarifying what you want your business to be
  • Driving sales and customers on a fast track basis
  • Supporting you through the early challenges of building a team around you
  • Balancing your short term finance issues with your longer term goals
  • Identifying the channels to step change your profit
  • Managing your business so you also get a life!

We also offer a bespoke mentoring service for small business owners. Click here for details of how we can help you step change your business.

Customer Services

Everyone knows the statistics on the impact of looking after your customers well. But do you really know how you are doing? Do you need an external perspective, based on years of customer service experience to help:

  • Identify what your major issues and concerns should be
  • Help develop your service proposition and approach should be
  • Review your recruitment and training to make them more effective for the customer
  • Recommend approaches for on-going comparison, review and feedback
  • Identify your core strengths and help overcome your weaknesses
  • Give insight and external perspective in terms of current best practice on customer services


The decision to outsource or not is critical to your organisation. Done in the right way, outsourcing can give you extensive expertise to add to your business, a partner to support your objectives and a commercial model that works for both parties. But how do you get to that point? Ignition Key can apply our expertise to helping you through the confusion of outsourcing:

  • What are you trying to achieve and how will outsourcing help or hinder this?
  • How do you handle a tender process on something that may not be a core expertise?
  • How do you separate the sales spin from suppliers from the reality you will face together?
  • How do you get support to assess your options so you can spend time on the final few?
  • How do you put together the best business case and understand the internal cost impacts?
  • What commercial options do you have available?
  • How do you take things from the point of decision on supplier to a live, effective operation - and then get the best from your outsourcer for the long term?

We can help you with all the above and more, by giving an honest, independent view of your options.

Major organisational changes

Often our clients businesses will be going though major change, but do not have the luxury of time or resources to have additional full time support in the business throughout the transition period. We also know that you cannot afford to dedicate all of your time to the major changes and lose sight of your existing business. Ignition Key can help to keep you on the right path, to manage through these changes, and get the end commercial results you need quickly and effectively. We can support in:

  • The introduction and bedding in of a new leadership team
  • The design and development of a new business strategy
  • Approaching annual planning cycles for parent groups/investors
  • Profit turnaround situations
  • Change of strategic direction
  • Managing the impact of mergers, acquisitions or change of ownership

Click here to see our article on how to create the best Climate for change in your business.

Human Resources

Through our HR experience, we understand the challenges of managing large scale people businesses. You may want someone who can take a more holistic approach and who can give you an added edge through a more commercial, business approach. Ignition Key can support you by:

  • Designing or reviewing your HR strategy
  • Evaluating your HR cost base and helping drive efficiencies
  • Working with you to raise HRs profile and impact within the broader business
  • Improving performance of specific core functions (eg resourcing, talent management, training, administration)
  • Identifying blockages to effective working within the HR function
  • Coaching HR Directors to develop your business and commercial skills further