Coaching services

Extensive business experience, together with excellent coaching skills, provides you with much more than just someone to listen.


Because the principles and skills of business coaching underpin everything we do at Ignition Key, we also offer coaching and mentoring to support senior executives, directors and small business owners to drive their own performance up a gear.

Business Coaching can provide you with...

Working with our top business coach and mentor can provide you:

  • Improved performance and commercial results
  • A fresh perspective and input on issues and ideas
  • Access to external experience and knowledge
  • An opportunity to pull out of the day to day distractions
  • Tailored and specific individual development (not a sheep dip approach)
  • An honest view, without politics or repercussions
  • A sounding board to support the feeling of isolation often felt at senior levels
  • Real results in performance improvements

At Ignition Key our aim, first and foremost, is to drive business performance up a gear and this impacts on our view of coaching in a business context.

Our coaching is:

Based on real, senior business experience

We understand that you need someone who can listen and help you see things from a different perspective. But you also want someone who can understand the challenges you face everyday - and help you get real commercial results.

We draw on real business expertise that includes large scale people management and leadership, multi-million pound budgets, aggressive targets to reach, new strategy development and continuous market and organisational change. This experience, together with coaching skills, provides you with much more than just someone to listen and gives you real input to help you move forward.

Action and results focussed

Because we understand the real business world, we believe that coaching often focuses too much on understanding the current situation and inputs and not enough time on outputs and results. So, we will work with you to be clear on your goals and objectives for coaching and to make sure these are tangible and measurable so you can really judge progress. We know that executive coaching can have a strong commercial payback and we want to work with you to ensure this is demonstrated.

Unique to your needs

We also do not believe in working to a single methodology and approach - every person undertaking coaching is different and the approach taken needs to reflect that. We do use a range of tools and techniques blending behavioural coaching, organisational development, learning styles and many others, but we apply these in a way that is unique to you and your needs.


  • "Kate has a keen interest in coaching others to reach their full potential"