Coaching themes

The support is extensive, over a longer period of time, to drive more significant issues of behavioural change, career movement and business challenges.


We provide coaching and mentoring support across a range of issues including:

Sales, Growth and Profit Mentoring

Do you feel that your business needs to make a step change in your sales or profit growth? Is a small percentage increase in business every year just not enough now to give you what you want? We can help you work through what is holding back your sales activity and how to make sure your sales effort are giving you real profit.

Managing Director/CEO Coaching and Mentoring

Most MDs and CEOs say they have too little time, too many conflicting priorities and no one that they can turn to to work through issues. With the support of someone who has been in your shoes, you can break through those issues and help your business and you personally make another leap forward.

Small Business Mentoring Programme

We know that the needs of SMEs are different to those of the big corporates. That's why at Ignition Key, we've developed a programme to support you every step of the way. If you want to make a step change in your own business results, based on mentoring with real experience and knowledge, click here.

Succession and high potential coaching

If you have a high performer, who has been identified as a future successor to a key role, how do you ensure that they are developed to grow into that role? Our support includes understanding promotional roles and working with the coachee to move towards this end game.

Newly appointed

At a senior level, once put in a role, people are often left to their own devices and expected to just hit the ground running. We can help make sure that your newly appointed execs really achieve this - and make sure that they are running down the right track.

Performance Risks and issues

Sometimes people fall short of where you need them to be - but in critical roles, it is not always possible to move people, or to spend years improving performance. Ignition Key coaching can help individuals understand the impact of their behaviour and move forward so that you can continue to benefit from their strengths whilst reducing the impact of any issues.

Career Coaching

Many directors have never thought beyond landing their first directors role and often find themselves at his level and trying to address "what next". Alternatively your organisation may be going through major changes that leave you having to rethink your next career steps. You may be looking to broaden beyond your own function, explore options in other organisations or simply work out your career gameplan.

Read more about managing your career, with our article "New Year, New Career"

HR Directors

Often HR Directors provide a support and coaching role for everyone else, but there is no one within the business to offer them the same level of support. HR Directors also often want external support from someone with a broader, commercial perspective to give them an edge in their role. Ignition Key coaching can give you that support - from a real understanding of your role as HRD and what the business needs are.

Work Efficiency and Effectiveness

Do you manage to get the work done but feel as if you are never quite on top of things? Or do you keep on top of things by working too long hours and impacting on your quality of life outside work. We can help you find more effective ways of managing yourself and your team to allow you to build the time to think, develop and make step changes in performance.

New Team Coaching

One of the hardest challenges for every new exec is taking over an existing team. How can you quickly align them to your goals and values, build on the existing strengths, reduce any gaps or weaknesses and move the whole team performance up a gear? Ignition Key coaching can support you and your team to quickly align against new styles and directions to get eh best business impact.

Coaching through change

Change is a constant in most organisations - but the way people, especially the senior team, handle this change can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the change. Ignition Key can coach executives through periods of major change such as new strategy alignment, mergers and acquisitions, restructures, personal life changes.


  • "Helped me to personally achieve more than I thought was possible for myself."
  • Toptips!
  • Capability

  • Get some external input to your business - a fresh pair of eyes will help you build your teams capability.
    Build a team of people around you who have the capability you need for the future, not just for today.
    Spend time communicating what you are trying to achieve at all levels, not just to the senior team.
    Recruit people who are capable, develop them further and then allow them to do their jobs!
    Never underestimate how much time you need to spend developing people to deliver your business vision.
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