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Book Review: LEAP by Ian Sanders

Ditch your job, start your own business & set yourself free.

Who wouldn’t want to achieve that strapline? As someone who spent 20 years in a corporate world, I know how hard it can be to consider life outside the big companies. This book is a really powerful motivator to make you take that leap and come to terms with the fact that the days of single careers for single companies may well be over.

Split into four main sections (Attitude – to get started, Enterprise – to succeed, Success – at maximising opportunities and Worklife – in the right balance), each section has around 30 chapters or ideas on making these leaps. It’s not an idealised view of the world of running your own business, but the realism and honesty about some of the difficulties are balanced by the motivational tone and plenty of reminders of the benefits of going your own way.

Ian Sanders writes with a really chatty style (you could read this in a couple of days) and provides a book that is easy to dip in and out of, whatever stage of the journey you are. He also calls on his own experiences (everything from work experience at a local radio station to losing a large client) and stories from other people to bring the messages to life.

This is not meant to be a book about how –to set up your business (writing plans, getting funding etc), it’s about attitudes and approaches to working in a different way. Be warned though – if you aren’t enjoying your corporate life, take this on holiday and you may never be the same again!

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