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We won't tell you all the things that are wrong in your business, then leave you to do all the hard work - we work with you to make sure improvements are sustainable & real.


Top Tips

To get the best business results you need to take a holistic view that looks at all aspects of improvement, not just one chunk. Think about:

Clarity: Understanding what's really going on

  • Never stop finding out what your customers really think and want - too many people assume they know and often get it wrong!
  • Be clear about what you are trying to achieve - you don't have to be the best at everything.
  • Be absolutely sure why you are different from the competition - if you are all much the same, why should the customer pick you?
  • Stop looking at symptoms and start addressing the root cause of the issues.
  • Identify the things that are standing in the way of your progress and focus on knocking down these issues.
  • At least half of what you are spending time on will not step change your business. Focus on the really critical issues and park the rest.

Design: Building the right solution

  • Don't let someone sell you a generic solution unless you know they have really understood your business issues.
  • Never jump straight to the solution without looking at all your options.
  • Always challenge 'we've always done it that way' so that you don't constrain your decisions.
  • Get buy-in for your solution with all your stakeholders before you launch into implementing.
  • Make sure your solutions are tangible enough that you can track and measure them.

Capability: Enabling people to deliver

  • Get some external input to your business - a fresh pair of eyes will help you build your teams capability.
  • Build a team of people around you who have the capability you need for the future, not just for today.
  • Spend time communicating what you are trying to achieve at all levels, not just to the senior team.
  • Recruit people who are capable, develop them further and then allow them to do their jobs!
  • Never underestimate how much time you need to spend developing people to deliver your business vision.

Execution: Making it happen

  • Ideas alone won't help your business - make sure they get delivered too.
  • Find some ways to deliver some quick wins, so you get some momentum going for the changes you need.
  • Constantly find out what's standing in the way of people delivering quicker.
  • Be absolutely clear on who is responsible for doing what, but make sure they also see the whole picture.
  • Prioritise ruthlessly to keep the focus on the right things.

Sustaining: Keeping the momentum going

  • Make sure activities are handed over to the right people once things move from project to business as usual.
  • Always go back and check results after the initial excitement of a project has died down.
  • Keep tracking measures of success on a long term basis.
  • Be prepared to stop things - don't just keep layering more things on top.
  • Always have an idea of what's coming next so things don't just drift away.
  • Don't get precious about things that have been done - if they are not right for the future be prepared to change again.
  • Never take success for granted - celebrate what you achieve.

Finally, when considering coaching, always:

  • Get a coach who has operated at your level, so they really understand how it feels in your shoes.
  • Work out roughly what you want from coaching in advance so you can pick the best coach to meet your needs.